Vintage Sake UROKO| Internationally recognized Daiginjo aged sake.
Winner of the top honor, Gold Trophy of Sake Competition 2018

awarded only 23 sakes among 1639 challengers
in a major international wine competition,

the International Wine Challenge <IWC>2018

Daiginjo Uroko 10years Aged, 2007

Its goldenーbrown color and elegant and complex taste are created by long maturation in cool cave.
A perfect combination of “Sweetness”“Acidity”“Umami (savory taste)”and“Bitterness”enhances its complexity.
From floral notes to nuts and caramel aromas,aging changes its notes,taste and texture.Bask in the afterglow of satisfaction.
The International Wine Challenge

The IWC is accepted as the world's finest and most meticulously judged wine competition.

It was founded in 1984 in London by Robert Joseph and Charles Metcalfe.
More than 300 judges engage in the blind tasting (without disclosure of individual information such as wine name and area of production) for 2 weeks to select the best products in the year.

The future victory is not guaranteed for the winners. The awarded wines are different every year.
For its globally-recognized fairness in the judgement, the winners are chosen in foreign embassies.

長期熟成酒 熟露枯 - UROKO -
Vintage Sake UROKO
A Cave, the former underground factory built in the end of the World War Second to produce tanks was transformed to sake storage space.
Sake matured for a long period of time in this Storage Cave, a natural storage with the average annual temperature 10 degree Celsius,
it is the Vintage Sake UROKO.
Maintaining the right temperature zone to avoid quick maturing yet adding the seasonal variation of temperature, the Cave mellows the taste with age and makes it distinctively elegant like its history.
長期熟成酒 熟露枯 - UROKO -
Natural Refrigerator/ Original Cave Aging Process

The dark cave which average annual temperature is about 10 degrees Celsius has never been exposed to the sunlight and is a great environment to mature sake.
In the 600m long space, approximately 100,000 bottles of sake are resting.
Its temperature is about 15 degrees Celsius in summer and about 5 degrees Celsius in winter. The average annual temperature, 10 degrees Celsius prevents quick maturing and the seasonal variation of temperature creates air circulation to help slow aging.
An ideal temperature environment unlike refrigerators which maintain always the same temperature and an ideal natural environment without sunlight create the taste of vintage sake.

Discover the complexity and flavor. Effort to open a new horizon for Japanese sake. The Company started the aged sake production focusing on Daiginjo in 1970. As a pioneer of aged sake brewery in Japan with a great deal of experience and achievements of store and maturation over many years, the Company has continued producing aged sake to create new taste of Japanese sake.

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